About Us

The quality of our staff is the keystone of our capability to serve our customers. We formed a team of people who combine years of experience and in-depth expertise in their respective fields, maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards.

Diversiti is a data science consulting and professional services company specializing in the field of technology development. We specialize in data engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence and large data sets, continuously consolidating a pool of the best data science and analytical talent for our clients.

We approach our work from a use case roadmap to managed services.

A data science and AI consulting firm

Our mission is to build and implement a comprehensive data strategy, leveraging and working with large datasets and using AI and predictive analytics to unlock business value for our customers

We swiftly fill gaps in customer capabilities, increasing the speed of organizations and their ability to execute their business strategy.

A trusted experience. Proven commitment. Value creation.

Initially founded to deliver the service level of leading technical consulting firms while providing higher value and return on investment, we quickly set our own path. By providing the most relevant and exhaustive response to a business use case, from hardware to algorithm implementation, ensuring faster development times and executing iterative work that reduces risk.

Agnostic to technology, we seek to find agile and pragmatic approaches.

Our leadership team

Diversiti leadership team members bring their passion and extensive experience in providing customized science, engineering, and data exploitation solutions to companies around the world.
Their expertise in high-tech consulting and analytical modeling makes DIVERSITI a different kind of company, one that creates a concrete and sustainable impact for large corporations, small and medium enterprises, as well as internal and external service providers in your business.

Our values

DIVERSITI management is strongly geared to provide relevant solutions and innovative methods in a short time frame to our customers’ requests and projects. Our expertise in the fields of engineering, computer science and analytics allows us to provide in-depth analyses to support your R&D and production endeavors. 

Diversiti advises business, political and academic leaders. We consider each of our clients as a partner, with whom we seek to establish an in-depth relationship. We place great importance on our founding principles of execution, commitment and passion to fulfill the conditions for the success of our mission


Diversiti built a team of highly qualified data scientists, engineers, developers and advisors. We continuously feed and train our team with new technologies and best practices to meet our customers’ requirements.


Innovation, efficiency and flexibility are the main characteristics that we apply as a team to maintain a level of excellence in all our work.

Enterprise Awareness and Return on Investment: Our business experience allows us to quickly assess a situation and understand the bottom line, immediate commercial value and the case to be developed.


We deliver customized and agile solutions tailored to your business objectives. Each project is unique. We don’t just take on challenges, we look forward to finding novel ways to solve complex problems.

Successful Delivery

From Project Roadmaps, strategy sessions and regular milestones to full integration and deployment. We offer unparalleled coaching, support and knowledge transfer. We work to the highest professional standards and deliver consistent, reliable, long-term outcomes.


Ready to get started?

Our experts and software engineers have worked with industry managers, collecting and analyzing information to transform business processes. We’d like to help you create your next successful solution, whether it’s migrating existing platforms or developing new systems. Technology is evolving faster, let’s build sustainable solutions. 

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