Industry solutions and use cases

We help enterprises to make AI functional and cut development time and cost. Diversiti delivers personalized engagements to enable professionals and engineers to understand, measure, trust, and effectively manage emerging AI technologies and tools.

Use Case Portfolio

Helping clients to build AI, machine learning, and data engineering solutions

Data Consulting Capabilities

Data Science and Predictive Analytics

Diversiti extends data science expertise to the R&D, sales, marketing, financial and operational teams of each organization. We have extensive knowledge in the development of customized machine learning algorithms for specified commercial use cases. From data asset engineering and development to data mining techniques that will help your company develop new technologies and generate revenue.

We work together to develop strategic competitive advantages and provide technical expertise in large data analysis, NLP, time series, and computer vision, while deploying the data architecture and the necessary specifications to ensure evolutionary development.

Data Strategy

We help executives understand and assess critical areas for accelerating growth using their available and yet to be collected data, combined with potential cases for using AI and data-based strategies.

Diversiti takes an integrative approach, looking comprehensively at your entire organization and all of its important individual components to find these scalable alternatives. By employing our scientists and data consultants along with internal management and development teams, we can quickly identify and rationalize a path and build a roadmap to the most valuable professionals in the company in a matter of weeks.

Business intelligence and advanced analysis

Our experts are leading authorities in business intelligence and customer modeling and regularly work with financial services, advertising, insurance, retail and healthcare organizations to better predict and understand their business needs.

We offer custom BI tool development, with customized dashboards, aggregation, predictive analytics, and knowledge of governance and security at the enterprise level. We create tools that have a significant impact on business and understanding of critical trends, enabling companies to pull levers to set objectives to improve performance. Diversifiirst works with an organization to understand its exact use case, data sources, how often they are updated, and create a single data source containing all relevant information and performance metrics.

Data engineering and architecture design

Our consulting and data engineering team specializes in the development of on-premise, hybrid and cloud architectures, from data ingest and ETL to modern computing systems using GPU and AI frameworks.

From DevOps to MLOps, our team ensures the management of corporate information assets, the real-time compliance monitoring using automated techniques, and provides recommendations for designing and building the most suitable data warehouse, lake, storage and compute architectures.

Diversiti is the trusted service provider for AWS and Microsoft Azure, and partners with leading hardware and software vendors.

AI & ML software development

Diversiti works to integrate our solutions into existing production and software.

We build custom software solutions or provide the necessary endpoints to properly execute the developed products. We are skilled in database support, data management, data processing, containers, micro-services and API development.

Our design process is interactive, creative, detailed, but speedy. We work with you to capture your vision to ensure that the desired results are delivered.

IA and strategic consulting

Diversiti applies its expertise to investment funds, academia, private research institutes and companies to properly review benchmarking solutions and provide technical roadmaps.

We can counsel you on industry best practices, emerging technologies, unique R&D and CTO services, from the acquisition of important data to advanced analysis and digital product development.

Ready to get started?

Our experts and engineers have worked with industry leaders, collecting and analyzing information to transform business practices. We’d like to help you create your next solution, whether it’s modernizing existing platforms or building new artificial intelligence systems. Technology is evolving rapidly, let’s construct sustainable solutions.

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