General Use Cases

We build tools to help farmers and stakeholder organizations collect and analyze data on their land and resources. From environmental conditions to bird’s-eye imaging to forecasting and detecting disease, everything that affects agricultural output can be accurately measured and analyzed. 

Retrieving information from data helps farmers and organizations predict and monitor growing conditions, understand dependencies and relationships, and improve farm efficiency and performance. In addition, we can streamline existing processes, reduce equipment downtime and integrate agricultural inputs into a preventative maintenance system. Combining automation and integration of seamless data flows, we work together to reduce the amount of natural resources, time and energy required to achieve your objectives. 

Satellite Imaging

We are specialised in the analyse of images from external sources such as UAVs, UAVs and satellites, developing detection and monitoring systems that combine the measurement of actual farming process performance with external data to guide decision making and holistic insights. 

We facilitate precision farming methods through machine learning, by building forecasting systems that integrate with environmental factors and other crop forecasting data streams

Image Analytics: Automate the monitoring of growth, spatial variability and disease through deep learning. 

Anomaly detection: Monitor movement, spot changes and develop alerts for critical events. 

Resource Management

We design highly scalable and functional solutions to reduce operating costs, preserve natural resources and allow farmers to know the state of their cultivations. 

From water holding capacity analysis to complete irrigation optimization, we can build in lighting, energy and factors such as weather, climate, soil type and chemistry into models that effectively monitor and predict important trends.

Crop forecasting

To integrate new plug-in devices or optimize new sensors, we develop automated and intelligent solutions for large datasets to determine when to plant, fertilize, irrigate and harvest in order to meet your quality and yield objectives.

We can create customized data monitoring and measurement prescription systems, providing recommendations for recognized field challenges. 

Livestock monitoring

Use machine-learning and artificial intelligence to understand livestock condition, such as dairy and beef operations at a granular level. 

Health and Sensors: Use Machine Learning to anticipate events, such as maternity and birth, or monitor diseases. Lower mortality rates through constant monitoring and allocation of operational resources.

GPS & Tracking: Monitor animals and track activity, from simple identification earrings to sophisticated tracking systems such as trackers. We build data systems and algorithms to monitor vital statistics, locate stray animals and other portable systems.  

Ready to get started?

Our experts and software engineers have worked with industry managers, collecting and analyzing information to transform business processes. We’d like to help you create your next successful solution, whether it’s migrating existing platforms or developing new systems. Technology is evolving faster, let’s build sustainable solutions. 

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