Common Use Cases

In order to refine and facilitate product search and offer a personalized customer experience, we integrate our outfit and similarity recommendations on their online and offline stores across the world. With context-specific styling recommendations, our A.I. solutions promoted cross and up-selling, while maintaining the brand’s luxury styling standards

Analysis and consumer knowledge

AI Styling Advice: Increase the conversion by telling customers how a particular piece of clothing will highlight their body.

Complete The Look: Upsell with on-brand outfit recommendations based on occasion, bodytype and persona, purchase history and style preferences.

Merchandising Platform: Create outfits that match your editorial photography. Multiply the productivity of the merchandising team with the most advanced merchandising platform, allowing clients to automatically create and edit hundreds of outfits, for all personas, body types and occasions, with the help of AI.

Visual Search: Supercharge our product search by allowing the customers to search for products by uploading images. See visually similar products from the catalog or outfits that customers can create by uploading garments from their wardrobes.

Analysis and consumer knowledge

We build data science tools and platforms, focusing on improving profitability in broad categories


One to one, 24/7 fashion styling advice during or after a sale with our fashion chatbot tailored to your brand’s voice that integrates across all touchpoints: social media, e-commerce, in-store.


Turn sales agents into expert stylists with AI-powered styling advice, personalized profiles for each customer, and a fashion search engine that can surface the right products for your customers.


Suggest outfits that go along with the customer’s current outfit using the most advanced visual and style recognition engine. Suggest alternatives in the fitting room when sizes are out of stock.


Empower the store associates with instant fashion expertise by providing them with high-quality styling tools to impress your customers and deliver excellent sales results.

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