Common Use Cases

Businesses dealing with consumers must be able to collect and manage the relevant data, develop insightful functionalities, and apply analysis that provides effective information for their business plan. Competitive edge lies in using data streams from sales, operations, inventory, revenue, and media to improve the acquisition, targeting, experience, and delivery of customer insights. From product recommendation engines to supply chain optimization, pricing and promotions, and customer data analysis, Diversiti can develop the business intelligence and data insight needed by retailers and manufacturers. 

Analysis and consumer knowledge

Move beyond the conventional business intelligence and reporting steps with greater investment in data and analysis. Use analysis to solve customer-centric business problems by using data science to understand and quantify behaviors, likes, dislikes, patterns, and preferences, and predict their value. 

Referral engines: Personalized, localized promotions, aggregating data from all platforms and devices into a single stream to recommend products in real time.

Brand Sentiment Analysis: Minimize customer churn, improve cross-selling and bundling, increase customer satisfaction

Sales and Performance / Product Optimization: Improve customer acquisition, prevent losing customers and win them back in a focused manner. Use NLP to analyse emails, polls and customer interactions to identify the best service mode and language of response.

Segmentation: Harness data and engineering to create meaningful groups and micro-segments at the product and store level. Develop patterns to accurately monitor and align store performance, product performance, product attributes, store attributes, and demographics.

Analysis and consumer knowledge

We build data science tools and platforms, focusing on improving profitability in broad categories

Retail Store Layout and Site Location

Marketing and improving revenue within a single store using store site location data. Build templates to best group and present product groups for individual stores. 

Advertising Enhancement

Develop templates for ad types, placement, localized and custom ad management, and shopping cart subscription. Develop personalized offers through online performance analysis and web analytics


Improve performance, service levels, and recommendations through call center analysis, natural language processing, and automated processes.


Develop advanced supply chain models to forecast product routes, demand, and staffing requirements, giveaways and the success of in-store promotions, combined orders and packaging, and collection of till data for predictive analysis

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Our experienced team of consultants and analysts have worked with industry leaders, collecting and assessing information to transform business practices. We’d like to help you create your next solution, whether it’s migrating existing platforms or developing new systems. Technology is evolving rapidly, let’s build a legacy solution

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