// Continuous integration and deployment (CI / CD)

About the CI / CD concept

CI / CD is a key concept of the DevOps strategy. Businesses using an agile approach benefit from breaking down the silos between management, development, operations and quality control. This makes them cooperate together and achieve common goals.

In addition, CI/CD turns the collective effort into an automated process of application creation, complete test coverage and rapid deployment without downtime.

// CI / CD benefits

Business needs drive business

The way they run their business. Continuous integration and deployment simplifies processes with these benefits:

Efficiency of time

CI guarantees a certain quality of your application once it is configured, requiring no more effort than adding new features.

Enhanced team communication

CI / CD requires development, operations, management, and quality assurance teams to collaborate on technologies, practices, and priorities. No more blame culture and transfer of guilt from one side to the other.

Reduced MTTR

The average resolution time (MTTR) is shorter thanks to CI / CD practices. The reason for this is the deployment of smaller code batches, allowing for rapid error isolation.

Enhanced delivery

CD ensures that the delivery process is automated, the preparation environments match production, and there is always an option to return not only to the previous state, but to any state that ever existed!

Speed and productivity

With continued deployment, customers benefit from faster access to new features and bug fixes, and developers receive more immediate feedback on the changes they have made.

Increased testability

As the code is deployed in small batches, all changes are executed via automated testing, which guarantees a lower bug rate!

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