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Diversiti is a leading, recognized provider of professional services, DevOps and Cloud Computing products and solutions, specializing in modern infrastructure on Azure, AWS. We work as an extension of your team and love to take on your biggest challenges. All this so that your team can be innovative faster and create an impressive customer experience.


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Where do we assist our clients ?

Key pain points in Cloud transition

Cloud Security

Rule implementation and proper network design

Cloud Migration

Cloud adoption framework and the 6Rs of migration

Cloud Architecture

AZ goes down, pushing out bad code to an environment

Cost & Administration

Overall cost management, supplier lock-in

Training and best practices

Navigate through the service to be used and the best use of the service

Cloud Management
Technology Consulting
SAAS Application

Diversiti Services

Cloud Consulting

Architect infrastructure on Azure, AWS with operational excellence, reliability, security performance efficiency and cost optimization.

Managed Services

Build, automate, manage, and support cloud infrastructure change and service catalogue management and resources for modern change management.

Data Analytics

Enable actionable insights through data migration and integration, data processing pipelines, automated data preparation and analytics, data management, data lakes/data warehousing, machine learning and cloud AI

Cloud Migration

Migrate application to AWS/AZURE for improved reliability and scalability from simple lift and shift to fully converting single tenant on prem apps to multi-tenant public cloud.

Devops (CI/CD)

Build Ci/CD pipelines, container & microservices strategies, DevOps as a Service and leverage best practice methods and processes to faster a Devops culture

24/7 Support

World class 24x7x365 on call SLA level support services for Devops pipelines and Azure/AWS cloud infrastructure.

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Devops, Cloud, CRM et Consulting Services

Diversiti is a leading, professional  end to end Cloud and DevOps services provider specializing in modern infrastructure on AWS, Azure. We work as an extension of your team and love to take on your hardest challenges. All this so that your team can innovate faster and create an impressive customer experience.

Our DevOps Services


Cloud architecture design Cloud readiness assessment Cloud migration services Managed cloud services Cloud consulting service


Serverless architecture Serverless maintanance Serverless consulting


Architecture design Microservices consulting

Log management and monitoring

Monitoring Reporting Alerting

DevOps as a Service

DevOps assessment & audit DevOps implementation Roadmapping Strategy design DevOps consulting Release management

Container orchestration

Container management services Security evaluation and hardening Kubernetes managed services

Infrastructure as code

Infrastructure automation Infrastructure as code implementation in a cloud Infrastructure as code implementation on-prem


Continuous integration (CI) implementation • Continuous delivery (CD) implementation • CI/CD consulting

Cloud Migration Workflow

Free audit and consultation and project estimate

During the discovery call with a client, we offer a free consultation session on the client's technological challenges. Establish a complete mapping of the structure in place and everything that surrounds it: costs, storage, server, maintenance personnel, etc. This approach is essential in order to build a solid business project and be able to calculate your ROI.

Define your goals

In this step we will determine your priorities. The objective of the migration is to gain in agility, to benefit from a better security or to automate part of the annex tasks of the employees in order to allow them to focus on the core business of the company.

Verification of licenses and applications to be migrated to the Cloud

Not all licenses and applications can integrate a migration to the Cloud, especially applications licensed On Premise or written specifically for certain system architectures.

A choice of Cloud solutions adapted to your needs

We assess the trustworthiness and capabilities of the service provider to whom you are considering entrusting your organization's applications and data.

Migration planning

After having carefully evaluated the above steps, we develop a real migration plan for the targeted applications.

Devops Pricing Kubernetes



  • Kubernetes Setup
  • CI/CD Implementation
  • 1000 € Credits At LogDNA
  • 5 months of the Service Plan
Choose the plan



  • Onboarding Fee 2000€
  • Cost Optimization
  • Security Audit
  • Infrastructure Audit Report
  • Architecture Vetting
  • 5-8 Tasks
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
Choose the plan


12k base/Proj

  • Providing Implementations
  • Cloud Infrastrutture Setup
  • CI/CD
  • Telemetry and Metrics
  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Dark Launches
  • Serverless
  • Logging
  • Custom Tooling

Trusted by innovative brands, from startups to enterprise.

Complex deployment expertise

We create cutting-edge technical architectures for DevOps teams based on more than 3 years of experience in automation to facilitate complex deployments on digital and business applications.

Comprehensive approach

We bring all the capabilities needed for ongoing deployment, including IT strategy, industry expertise, change management and widespread application deployment.

Transparent tarifs

Our pricing is based on the complexity of the project, its size and the number of engineers involved. No additional hidden fees or upfront payments.