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Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Diversiti is a data science consulting company that specializes in strategy, technology, and solving business and operational problems using artificial intelligence.

Data analyses

Use sophisticated machine learning techniques to cut through the noise in the rapidly changing information environment and find patterns in the data to track trends, predict and acquire information.

Data strategies

Everything from data intake to processing, to data architecture and engineering requirements to enable large data solutions. Diversiti can estimate and provide the technology roadmap to achieve business objectives.

Business Insight

Engineer, extract and build powerful predictive end-user visualizations. Transform complex, unprocessed data to derive the relevant information needed for growth from text, time series, customer and operational data.

We use industry-specific knowledge to help solve challenging and novel business problems by deploying artificial intelligence and data systems in production. By working with business stakeholders from the initial data roadmap and employing a holistic approach to our services, we combine the latest technical advances, real-world expertise, AI engineering, and understanding of business and data needs to generate business value.

Engineering and Data Architecture

Integrate your internal and external data sources seamlessly with your analytical tools. Consolidate fragmented data into silos, establish governance, modernize systems, and empower users to make analyses and decisions based on data.

Software development

Leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning to develop new products, tools or algorithms. Harness powerful cloud computing and advanced computing solutions to scale on demand and deploy them to your customers.

Scientific advice

We provide consulting, guidance, leadership and benchmarking services to businesses and venture capital firms. Our consultants and experts perform the necessary stress testing, modeling and validation of intellectual property to make investment decisions and to ensure results.


Data Science as a Service

Document Classification, Content  Extraction, Image and Video  Analytics, Conversational Agents,  Document Digitization Storage and  Retrieval, Sentiment Analysis, Text  Summarisation, Anomaly detection,  Root Cause Analysis (RCA),  Predictive models

Programming Languages

C, C++, Python, R.

Frameworks/ APIs

Django, Flask, Keras, OpenCV,  NumPy, PyTorch, Pandas,  TensorFlow, Tesseract, Scikit-  learn


Tableau, Kibana, Python


ElasticSearch, SQL


Our team of skilled data scientists, data engineers, and consultants builds customized solutions using methods of machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and predictive modeling. We create comprehensive end-to-end automation tools and workflow pipelines, enabling strategic insights and technical improvements, transforming businesses with relevant intelligence for growth.

We look forward to the opportunity to work together with your R&D and executive management teams, providing valuable strategic advice and technical insight for your next big move. Working collectively, we will develop new systems, solutions and products to set you apart from your competion.

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We work with organizations of all sizes, industries and levels of AI maturity. Our services cover everything from the development of an enterprise AI strategy to the implementation and deployment of AI applications.

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